Week #4 Tillamook Real Estate


Tillamook OR, shot, developed and printed during week 4 of 2016. Kodak Tri-X Developed in Rodinal, Printed on Ilford Matt Fiber Paper. Hasselblad 500CM + 80mm Planar

2 thoughts on “Week #4 Tillamook Real Estate

    • thnx for looking! my concept for this year of weeks is to pick the one image that i shoot in the given week that i think is the most successful. then i try to develop and print it my darkroom as quickly as possible. up to now, i have been able to keep up. so i am posting the fotos near the end of the given week. soon i will be on a working road trip down to SF and LA and i will not have access to a dark room and i will get behind in my series but it will follow through for the entire year..


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