52 Rolls Week 4:52

More views from Downtown Denver:


Probably the best from this roll.  Denver has many glass buildings, so it is a great place for reflections.


The State Seal.  Colorado was admitted to the Union in 1876, the Centennial Year for the United States.  So its nickname is the “Centennial State”.  The “C” on the state flag represents both Colorado and Centennial (I’ll try to have a State Flag in a later post).


The Denver Post, our largest regional Newspaper.


This is an interesting view of the State Capitol that I will continue to work with.  A bit blown out here with the grey skies in the background. I’ll look in my freezer, may have some Provia 100 in there to work with our bright Colorado skies.

And a final note as a new snow storm approaches.  A scene from my back yard from our last snow. This was actually at the beginning of the roll, which I then finished in Denver.


But that’s how it goes with rolls of film.  You start with one subject, but finish sometimes with another.

Tech Info: Provia 400, Holga 120S, Developed by OldScholPhotoLab.

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