Rolls 3 & 4: A New Pinhole – A Different Perspective

In the quest for the best 3Dprintable pinhole camera, the Schlaboratory Mindtrust have released the source files for a clever little box that anyone can assemble. The body consists of four interlocking parts, with a greatly reduced vitamin count. In a nod to tradition and practicality, Gaffer tape replaces bolts for a number of assembly tasks.

Being the sole member of the Schlaboratory Mindtrust, it falls to me to create the photos that demonstrate the capabilities of my design work.  I have written before about the necessity of satisfying skeptics when I publish the CAD files to 3Dprint a camera. I know it will work, but a photo says so much more than some mathy explanation.

Other than  the simplicity of this camera, the Prime features a damn-near-perfect 90-degree angle of view that is easy to visualize in practice, WITH SIGHT LINES on the body and lid. The shallow “focal length”* creates a delightful optical vignette from center to edge, that many pinhole photographers value. The new rotating shutter design seems to work well too.

In a perfect world, you would have your own 3Dprinter, but until then, if I can help you get your hands on one of my cameras, let me know.


Film: Kodak Ektar 100, color negative film

Camera: terraPin Prime, f/135


20 minutes of Christmas Dinner prep.


Metal, Glass, Wood, Sky


In historic Olde Ballarde, an historic bell tower


Tanker, tagged


No Running On Dock!


Space Oddity, a source for Cool


Skyward again


This donut shop is empty like the middle of that Mighty O.


Ballard sidewalk couture



Film: FujiChrome Velvia 100 transparency film (RVP100)

Camera: terraPin Prime, f/135


Like a Butterfield, but MUCH more affordable


Those damn things ate my roses!


Meta: A 3D printer printing the parts to the pinhole camera that took this photo


Some disorientation is normal.


Federal Edifice, Seattle


Ruining my city, one giant pit at a time.


Chrome Toes


Convene Here


Seattle Rain Mitigation


The aptly-name Sunlight Cafe

These rolls were processed and scanned by Moon Photo in Seattle; all images are as scanned without alteration.  More photos from this and my other 52Rolls can be found HERE

* It’s a pinhole convention to speak of the distance, pinhole-to-film, as “focal length”, despite the absolute absence of any manner of focusing.

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