Week 5 – More Nikon F2A

My early progress through the first few weeks of the 52Rolls Project continued to take me by surprise as I shot two more films during week 5.

You might remember the trip to the steam railway last Sunday. Well, when the film I was using finished, I loaded some cheap (and always nasty) Kentmere and carried on.

That’s quite enough from the railway now.

This week also saw Emily get her first pair of shoes. In a blatant grab for email addresses to send marketing crap to, part of the shop’s service, along with measuring feet etc, was to take a picture of the three of us, with our tiny shoe box and suitably proud smiles and to email it to us, along with ‘all the latest offers’. The sales assistant wasn’t at all put off her pitch as I sat snapping the event on film.

Finally, this Sunday, I had a walk along the river Soar in nearby Barrow-Upon-Soar. The UK has had an awful lot of rain through the winter, and while the Midlands has avoided the flooding in the north-west, there’s still a lot of water about.

The river has several sections where the navigable canal separates from the rest of the river using weirs and sluices, keeping the canal level consistent. I photographed this one at Barrow with the Bronica on the week’s other roll (more on that shortly).

Techy stuff:

Nikon F2A loaded with Kentmere 400. I never like the results from this film. I don’t know if it always looks like this, or if I’m doing something wrong when processing, but it’s always grey and ummm, mushy.

I used Mike’s Nikon 28 and 85mm f/2 AI-S lenses, sometimes (when I remembered) with a red 25(A) filter. Metered using the camera’s own system. Processed in the kitchen sink using Ilfotec HC for 8 minutes. Scanned on an Epson v500. Dust removal and a few tweaks in Lightroom.

My 52 rolls so far:

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43 thoughts on “Week 5 – More Nikon F2A

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  2. She didn’t seem to be too impressed by the shoes, now did she? 😀 I agree with the others, the results look fine! Maybe you could up the contrast a bit to get results that you like better?


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  5. I like those steam engine pictures! Kentmere 400 is the only BW film I’ve shot and home developed so far… if it isn’t a good one, what would you recommend instead? Thanks!


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