Conclusion: Troy Freund

Well, I sure didn’t get to shooting 52 rolls of film last year, but I DID have a lot of fun, shot more film than I thought I would, and saw some neat images from everyone here. Here’s two last images from last year, a pair of images shot with a Yashica Dental-Eye – a fixed 100mm macro lens/body combo, with built-in ring-flash. Primarily used in the 80s for dental photography, a friend of mine lent this to me to play with and it was pretty nifty. Particularly challenging to use, though because it has no tripod-screw! So, when you’re doing close-up work, and your depth-of-field is nill…you gotta handhold it! Tricky and challenging, but fun and interesting.

Thanks again for allowing me to be part of this film-challenge. It really was a good experience. 🙂
Best wishes,




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