Roll 2:52 – Galveston, TX & Lomochrome [AndaM]

Scanning this roll made me happy. As in truly happy, like heart-skipping-a-beat-with-excitement happy. Actually, it was the entire process of working on this one that brought me joy – from getting my work area ready, to developing and then scanning, even though that particular evening was not the best of evenings.

Most of it was shot wandering around the streets of Galveston, TX – a truly interesting and intriguing place, a place I cannot get enough of. I wish I would’ve brought more film with me that day.

I bought a Lomofilm rainbow pack a while ago along with my regular Ilford XP2, but this was the first time I’ve given the purple a try: LomoChrome Purple  XR 100-400 loaded in my Nikon FM with a Diana 55mm wide-angle lens and I absolutely fell in love with the photographs. I guess some who are into the labelling-everything trend would call this ‘vintage vibe’. Apparently, the LomoChrome Purple was inspired by Kodak’s discontinued Aerochrome III infrared film.

My beautiful pictureMy beautiful pictureMy beautiful pictureMy beautiful pictureMy beautiful pictureMy beautiful pictureMy beautiful picture


Galveston is a truly colourful city – blocks of multi-level picturesque bright painted houses, mostly Victorian architectural styles, lavish vegetation, abundance of flowers year round. I wouldn’t have brought a roll of color toned film if this was my only time visiting, that’s for sure.



9 thoughts on “Roll 2:52 – Galveston, TX & Lomochrome [AndaM]

    • I tried the blue one last summer, turned out pretty cool too! Not sure which I like best, to be honest… One thing I know for sure: the lomochrome prints better than it scans (scans from negatives turned out way too grainy compared to the the prints, for both of them, blue & purple)


  1. I love the look of these photos! Those palm trees look pretty darn cool. This post has reminded me that I’m halfway through my first roll in a Diana Mini… time to get back out there and finish it, I think! 🙂

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    • I believe there was a movie shot entirely on this film in the Congo but I haven’t had a chance to locate it. I hear it’s beautiful. These stills are probably from the same film shoot I would imagine. How lucky you got to see them!

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  2. Really like your shots. I loved the purple but then they came out with the turquoise and that palette is even more interesting. I shot a roll of purple in Macchu Pichu two years ago, so just because you’re not going back to a place doesn’t mean you cant take some chances!


  3. Thanks all of you for introducing me to new film experiences. I’m seeing a lot of the lomo films. I’ll need to try some of them (or all of them) in the course of the next year.


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