Week 4: Black & White Landscape

In week 4, I once again worked on shooting landscapes with my Travelwide 4×5 camera.  This time I shot both film (Ilford Delta 100) and paper. The paper negatives turned out significantly over exposed and washed out. I tried the pre-flashing technique which I’d read about to expand the mid-tones, but it seems to have only made things worse. So I’m going to pause on the paper negatives and focus on film for awhile.

I made multiple exposures of two shots, shown below. I’m pretty happy with the exposures. Despite my light meter failing in the field, I was able to make a reasonable guess at the exposure. I did a little cropping, added a bit of contrast and sharpening in Lightroom, and removed a number of spots. The Ilford Delta 100 was exposed at ISO 100 and the exposure was corrected one stop for the orange filter I was using.


Both images of Longs Peak were taken from open space near my home. The lens on the camera is effectively a wide angle and in hindsight not well suited for what I was trying to accomplish. The images also turned out much softer than I’d prefer. This is puzzling to me and I will have to further examine my technique.


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