Lomo Instax Wide

FINALLY there’s an Instax Wide that has a few improved features over the Fuji models.  (Here’s the $72 version, and the later $100 one, which is built better, but has no real new features.)  I’ve had a few Instax Wide cameras, and they’re super fun to use, but I was getting a little frustrated when they put new features into the Instax Mini camera, but not the wide.   The basic Mini is based on the Polaroid Mio, and takes the same film.  The later Mini is really great, but I’m not a fan of the smaller prints.

The Lomo Instax is pretty great.  (get it here).   I sprung for the more expensive model with the extra lenses.

Last night I tried out doing some double exposures, and one triple.  You just hit a button on it, and you shoot as many exposures as you want, then hit the button again to eject the photo.

Instax_001Instax_002Instax_003Instax_005Instax_006Instax_019The camera is really fun to use, and people LOVE seeing instant prints.

The only downside is that the pictures look way better in real life than scanned.  Scanning tends to really bring out dust, no matter how clean the print and my scanner appear.  And blacks tend to look blotchy.   But those are small concerns.Instax_010

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