Week 6 – A visit to the Beach

We had a little break in the weather here in the week (still cold and rainy) so it was time for a little visit to Porthcawl seafront.

I love shooting the Mamiya C330 so after the B&W last week I loaded it with some expired Kodak Portra 160VC which I rated at 320 iso.

I had the film Processed/Scanned/Colour Corrected by http://www.filmdev.co.uk/ who also pushed it by one stop approx when processing. They do such a good job for a very reasonable price.

I have tried processing my own C-41 at home but I have never got consistent results and the same goes for scanning colour negatives.

Film-Dev do all the hard work for me and I know that the images I get back are going to be correct (unless I make a mistake taking them).

I love the subtle colours I got, not as vivid as I was expecting but they suited the subject matter.

You can find more of my stuff at

https://usingfilm.wordpress.com/ and https://timdobbsphotography.wordpress.com/

and on Twitter as @timdobbsphoto

7 thoughts on “Week 6 – A visit to the Beach

  1. Yep, lovely colours. I shall give FilmDev a try.

    Also, the idea of travelling so easily to the sea is really strange for me. I live just about as far from the sea as is possible in the UK (Coton-In-Elms, the village that is actually the furthest is just down the road) and always have. I find the sea romantic and intimidatingly powerful, but always fascinating. And always photogenic!

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  2. Expired film is such a funny animal, but it can be the perfect choice for some things and this is one of them. These are lovely. I also love the sea, which is a good thing since I live literally next to it. Sometimes I feel shooting the ocean is boring but to me, it is ever changing and always interesting.

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