Stereo pinhole fun

I was shooting with one of Todd’s 3D printed stereo pinhole cameras.   Its double the fun of regular pinhole.   We met up in Seattle’s international district for dim sum, then a stroll.

Todd hosts a monthly pinhole meetup which usually starts with brunch or coffee, then wandering around with cameras.

When shooting, you are using 2 square frames per shot, so you have to wind to the even numbered frames.   This means you’ll get about 6 shots per roll.   I scan them in pairs, then use Stereo Photo Maker to align them, and output them as a single JPG of the pair of photos.    Although SPM can output in a variety of formats, I prefer crossview (crosseye), because I find it easiest to view.    Looking at 3D photos like that can be difficult at first, but you can train yourself to do it.    You gently cross your eyes to merge the 2 images into a central image.   If it helps, don’t worry about maintaining focus at first.



Another selfie, perhaps to be used in an upcoming gallery show.



Inside the cafe where we stopped for a bit.


I had Jana open the shutters while I sat across the chess board.

It’s fun to shoot 3D, and this camera in particular usually draws some curious onlookers, who have perhaps heard of, but not seen, not only a stereo camera, but a 3D printed object.    Plus, of course, the fact that I’m shooting film.  So many conversations.   It’s really good to show people that there are alternatives to digital cameras.

4 thoughts on “Stereo pinhole fun

  1. For some reason my brain won’t let me view these on screen. I am fine with the cross eyed method on airphotos, have been doing that for years. But I think my brain is trained to a certain distance and looking down. Will need to try on a tablet, or something.


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