Week 2: Roll 2 (Part 2) Olympus Mystery Roll


So, it appears that there were no double exposures on this roll that I had mentioned from the week 2 post.  I apologize ahead of time to those who may be offended by dead fish, my point for this was to show the work behind the scenes and what happens between ship and table. At the bottom, I will include a few shots I also took with the Hasselblad on some gorgeous TMAX 400.

The shipyard was quiet when I went. I actually went after I took the photos at Cor-J’s, at the suggestion of one of the extremely friendly workers. The shipyard was quiet because the fisherman had already been out early that morning fishing. Having just moved up here recently to the Northeastern Coast, the process of the fish market intrigued me.


Unlike other “fish markets” I had been to, this one was very “in your face” and I loved it. You walked in and they were right there, slicing up the filets, de-scaling, deveining shrimp and removing the tails. I loved it. I loved how alive the place felt. I knew I wanted to capture the feel of being there and just how “fresh” the seafood was.

The Cinestill 800T worked well for the lighting. I pushed it to 1600 and used it with my Olympus OM1N with a Sigma wide angle. You will notice the first several photos were outdoors in bright daylight. I actually love how Cinestill 800T looks in daylight. It has beautiful rich colors.

006856-R1-E009Olympus OM1N: Cinestill 800T



Olympus OM1N: Cinestill 800T


As promised, here are a few taken at the same time with the Hasselblad 500C and TMAX 400 developed in some Rodinal 🙂


Hope you all enjoyed! Please feel free to check out and follow my 52 Rolls Flickr Album to see all the photos past and present in the 52 Rolls project. 🙂


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