Week 6: Polaroid Beta

A few weeks ago I received an email from The Impossible Project offering the opportunity to purchase some of their latest film as part of their beta program.  This is the 3rd generation of their instant film.  I’ve been experimenting with their film since the beginning and this release is a noticeable improvement in both the output and the speed to develop.

My original thought was to use my Sun 660 in the studio.  I experimented with a pack of expired Impossible 600 film.  The results were interesting but not predictable.  With the Polaroid Light Management System (LMS) cameras, like the 660, the only thing you can control for sure is the ISO.  I experimented with just using strobes, using a combination of constant light and strobes and just constant light.  The results, again were unpredictable.  I’m not giving up!  If I finally get things to work, I’ll post the results.

Since the studio angle wasn’t going to work I took three of the eight frames inside and the remaining frames outside on a bright sunny day.  There are a couple of pictures that have some beta film strangeness, but overall I think they turned out great.

As an aside, I purchased the Impossible Scan Adapter which makes scanning the pictures significantly easier.

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