#5.5./5.6 – Portra and 400H

Two results in color:

I’ve already been showing some black and white photos of these scenes in #5.0/5.1/5.2 Remain In Light and #5.3 My Personal Holga, but as announced before, I also photographed with Kodak Portra 400 and Pro 400H there. A hall full of light was too alluring, so I couldn’t stay away from it.

Both the Portra 400 and the Fujifilm Pro400H delivered, and I’m attracted especially by the soft way the Fujfilm 400H rendered the luminance and the colors in artificial light (round about 3200° Kelvin).

My opinion about the 400H continues to develop and I realize that it likes to be exposed at 250, not at the box speed 400 – at least the rolls I had bought lately, maybe they are not brand new. I also can imagine a skylight filter to be helpful in an outdoor situation, the film reacts sensitively to the blues and greens.

I just scanned the files with a laptop and its crappy graphic card, so I let the software decide what to do and didn’t change much. Looking at the pictures on another screen, I’m happy with the results. Both films were in the F5 on manual mode, with a 24 / 28-70 / 70-210 and matrix metering.

The Portra is more straightforward with accentuated magenta shadows, the 400H shows more differences and behaved unexpectedly and is not shifting towards the greens as much as expected. 

  • Kodak Portra 400 (box speed):



  • And some pictures with the Fujifilm Pro 400H (at 250):


Pollux on 52rolls:

15 thoughts on “#5.5./5.6 – Portra and 400H

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