Roll 5/52 – Day at the coast.

I’m fortunate to live 30 minutes from either the mountains of Brecon or the coastline of South Wales.
I needed a mental detox and I find the coastal air hard to beat.

Llantwit Major
is a small town in the Vale of Glamorgan that overlooks the Bristol channel. Apart from the spectacular scenery, what I find so interesting is the light. Wait a few minutes and it can seem a different day. The photos below where taken within an hour but the light is so changeable it can appear days apart.
My stock of expired film is dwindling and this I think was the last roll of Kodacolor 200 date unknown.

I picked up an Olympus 35RC last year and haven’t spent much time with it. It was a cheap entry into rangefinders for me and they seem to have a good reputation. The big attraction was being able to shoot without a battery. Of course it can be used as a point and shoot provided you have a PX-625 or alternative.
If you’re looking for a full mechanical manual camera that will get lost in your pocket, this is the one.

Olympus_35RC_Gold_200-7Looking out to Minehead and the Exmoor Heritage coastline.

Olympus_35RC_Gold_200-16Llantwit Major beach has one of the finest Jurassic coastlines in Wales.

Olympus_35RC_Gold_200-11Always popular with fossil hunters, young and old.







Olympus_35RC_Gold_200-9Yes it was cold!



Olympus_35RC_Gold_200-13My wife and son about to get wet feet.





Olympus_35RC_Gold_200-18I saved the last frame for my son to use.

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