Super Bowl VI and Olympus XA2

I and some friends met up for bowling while dressed like superheros.

One of the cameras I used was an Olympus XA2, which was actually my first camera.  When I left for college, I “borrowed” it, and shot with it for years, until and after I got my first SLR, a Pentax ME Super.

The Olympus XA2 is a great camera with a sharp lens.  It’s auto exposure, but has 3 distance settings.  Other models have aperture control, but are less common.   It has a small flash powered by a AA battery, which can be set to ISO 100 or ISO 400 film.  I was shooting ISO 400.

For film, I brought a roll of FujiPro 400H, which looked a WHOLE LOT better than the Kodak Gold 400 I also shot.  Amazing the difference between the 2.         The Fuji is great, and the Kodak is just dark, grainy and awful.  (Unless that’s the look you’re going for.)   You’ll easily spot the quality difference here.


This is “Super Confused”, who was bowling while blindfolded.


Listening for the ball


Actually bowled a strike


Not even sure who this guy was


Enter a caption



Apparently there was something happening on TV that day too.

The Kodak Gold:


And a few more of the Fuji film:



This makes me want to sell all of my Kodak Gold film.

6 thoughts on “Super Bowl VI and Olympus XA2

  1. Looks like a nice evening!

    About the comparison: Kodak Gold and Fujifilm Pro 400H are playing in two different leagues – it’s almost a totally different game and so is the price. Kodak has other films with higher quality such as Portra and Fujifilm also has a low cost solution like Superia or the C200. I often go for the cheap film if I don’t need the maximum quality, but with flash the colors show the quality differences in a harsh way – thanks for showing!


  2. Looks like you guys had a blast. Like the action shots. Haven’t shot Kodak Gold in over a decade. Now I remember why. The Fuji looks great.


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