Week 5: Roll 5- Hasselblad 500C/Adox 25 “Snow Day”

Since I missed the first blizzard while I was in Florida for training (see week 3 & 4), I took advantage of shooting snow for the first time on film. My daughter had a snow day, so we ventured outside to play a little. (gently of course, since the Hasselblad was around) I actually wasn’t sure how this roll would turn out. If you recall, I was mentioning putting a roll through the Mamiya for week 5 to test the shutter issue. Well, I did, and after I shot the roll, I took off the lens and looked at it again and it seemed to be sluggish even more so than before, so I wasn’t sure if any photos even showed up. So, I re-spooled the roll and stuck it in the Hasselblad and figured if there were any double exposures, well, then so be it and it might be fun. As it turns out, there was not a single double exposure, so I guess none of the shutter speeds/aperture settings are working properly. It ended up working out, since I really was happy with the results with the Adox 25 and the Hasselblad, although half way through the roll I realized my light meter was on reflective instead of incident like how I normally have it and I realized I had under exposed the first half of the roll by a couple stops, but I think with how bright the snow was, it offset it πŸ™‚ so it all worked out!


It was that snow that clung to everything, weighing branches down nearly to the ground as if they carried the weight of the world. Yet it was too fluffy to make snowballs (or snow men) with.

It’s amazing how quiet the world gets when it snows. Like being covered in a blanket and slumbering until the sun finally wakes it back up and starts melting the snow.

We managed to explore a little (in the backyard lol) and have a little fun. Jack, the cat, really got a kick out of hoping around in the snow and leaping through it. It took a minute for me to capture him in a moment of stillness, haha.

Overall we had a blast and I am pretty satisfied with my results πŸ™‚ Thanks for checking it out!Β Don’t forget to check out my 52 Rolls album on Flickr. Have a wonderful weekend! Next up is hopefully some TMAX 400 in the Olympus OM1N. I find it incredibly difficult to go through 36 exposures unless I’m visiting somewhere or it’s a specific project. So, wish me luck!

Hasselblad 500C
Adox 25
Rodinal 1:50 for 8 minutes

12 thoughts on “Week 5: Roll 5- Hasselblad 500C/Adox 25 “Snow Day”

  1. Nice shots! I can tell you guys had a great time. I really love the quietness that a big snow brings. I’ve always loved the crumpling sound of the snow beneath your feet as you walk. I believe being out during times like this can be therapeutic. I’m glad that roll worked out for you. I actually just posted pictures of my son in the snow and I have one shot of my dog as well. I shot them on Portra 400 with my OM1.

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    • Thank you! And I completely agree. It’s such a peaceful feeling. We didn’t experience snow last year because we were living in Florida so we took advantage of it πŸ™‚ I will have to check yours out! Funny, I actually did shoot some color as well in my Olympus OM1n on some expired Kodak 800 that I shot at 640. It’s a roll I’ve been using up since I got back from Florida for training a couple weeks ago πŸ™‚ do you develop your own color film?


      • I haven’t ventured into the developing side just yet. I currently use the Film Box Lab for both color and b&w. I really want to do some developing in the future, but right now I think I will stick with the labs. Looking forward to seeing the Kodak 800 results!


  2. This looks so great. My part of Canada rarely gets snow – it’s been a couple of years since I saw snow around here, but I remember very well the wonderful peaceful quiet when there is a nice deep snowfall.


    • I bet it will be a beautiful spring! I am kind of excited about spring since this will be my first year really capturing blooming flowers here in the north east on medium format ❀


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