Week 6: If at first you don’t succeed Tri-X, Tri-X and Tri-X again

Ok confession time, contrary to almost every film photographer out there past and present, I am no big fan of Tri-X.  Yes I know it’s great and flexible and used by all but I have yet to get it.  This hasn’t changed using it for my week 6 roll.

I went to St Pancras station on a bright sunny winters day and took a few shots.  This is not a particularly good week for me results wise, however I think it has taught me a few things.

  1.  With the Holga unless I have it on a Tripod and in bulb mode, probably best to stick with outdoors
  2. I tend to shoot film box speed and only really adjust if I am using a filter in front of the lens.  It might be time with the Holga to get film pushed when processed for these types of scenarios.

So will I use Tri-X again, absolutely because if at first you don’t succeed Tri-X, Tri-X and Tri-X again.

next week Fuji Pro400h



20 thoughts on “Week 6: If at first you don’t succeed Tri-X, Tri-X and Tri-X again

  1. I’ll admit to having never shot a roll of Tri-X, but have always liked the look. I like what you have shot here but think the reason for your disappointment lays with the limitations of the camera and not the film.

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    • Difficult for me to compare side by side, but your version looks less washed out than mine, but with a little less detail. That was interesting to see, thanks

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  2. I completely understand. I was the same way. I think a lot of it has to do with how it’s developed. I was always just a fan of TMAX and never bought Tri X but I got two rolls for a secret Santa gift and I used them and developed them in some rodinal and absolutely loved them. I hope you try again 🙂 I do like the moodiness of these photos though. Nicely done!

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    • Thank you. I will definitely try again, my current limitation is I do not home develop so maybe like you say that is why it does not currently hold the same appeal for me


  3. Really like the moodiness of the first two images.
    I also was not a big fan of TriX. Used to shoot it in the 70’s and never got good results. Lately I’ve seen a lot of wonderful images using the film, specifically to capture a moody effect. So I’ve decided to give it a try once again. Definitely consider pushing the film. Many people have wonderful results doing so.

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