Week 6: A Nation of Strawberries



Waking up and getting up in the morning is not as easy at it seems. Especially when what awaits you is a long day out in the agriculture fields. Agriculture, especially strawberry farming, has always been very important to my family and me. It’s been in the center of our lives, its what I’ve always known. My parents and their parents before them were farmers, it was how they made and continue to make their living. I thought long and hard about how I could tell their story and that of others who also make their living out in the fields.







I decided that the best course of action for me was go out to my parent’s strawberry farm and try to capture what it’s like to grow strawberries. And so began my quest to photograph to portray what’s involved in growing strawberries and the people responsible for the berries sold at grocery stores and farm stands around the world – that’s right, around the world.







I spoke to many of their employees and explained to them the purpose of my visit and of my project as a whole. They were pleased with what I was trying to accomplish though some were a bit uncomfortable to allow me to photograph them.









I hope to be able to tell their a story with the images I captured so that those viewing my photos can appreciate the work that someone has to do so that they can enjoy their strawberries.




These images were shot with a Nikon F5, YashicaMat and Cambo 4×5.

I used pulled process to develop film.

–Angel Rocha

9 thoughts on “Week 6: A Nation of Strawberries

  1. Very beautiful images, both technically and artistically. They very effectively suggest the narrative you were trying to present.


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