Concert With Point and Shoot



At the end of last month I attended a concert that was to raise funds for the youth music program in Port Renfrew. Port Renfrew is a couple of hours from Victoria on the southwest coast of Vancouver Island. I went because my son was (a) playing and (b) teaches in the music program. I did not go with the idea of taking many photos and expected that a concert photographer would be there, which there was. Thus I only brought an Olympus mjuii (Stylus Epic) in my pocket and one roll each  of Lomography Colour 800 and Ilford Delta 3200 just in case there was a chance to take a few shots. It is nowhere near an ideal camera for shooting a concert as the lens is a bit wide at 35mm and the flash has to be shut off every time the camera is turned on. But, it does have several advantages that most other point and shoot film cameras lack: a quite fast lens (f2.8), selects a faster f-stop ahead of a slower shutter speed, will read DX coding up to 3200ISO and has an apparently quite narrow spot meter/spot focus function (though it too needs setting every time the camera is turned on). It also looks amateurish and not-serious so people are not alarmed by it pointing in their direction, if they even notice. I ended up shooting both rolls of film, partly as an experiment, partly because I just could not help myself.

Today’s pictures come from the roll of Lomography Colour 800. Overall the images are a bit underexposed which might be from the darker backgrounds overwhelming the metering, or my spot metering was not accurate enough. The few shots where I forgot to turn off the flash are quite well exposed which suggests it is something to do with the metering and lighting. It was dark and I thought the Delta 3200 might work better, though it didn’t.

I converted these to black and white and many of those versions work better IMHO. Some of those conversions have already appeared in my blog – here (the same image as above) and here (from image below). A few more are on my other post of today named Sam Weber Band V I will post some of the Delta 3200 shots as a separate roll, they did not work out as well as the colour ones possibly because it was 11 years-expired film, probably poorly stored.

There were three acts on stage at the concert but all these pictures are of the Sam Weber band – the same group pictured in my Roll 2 but from the Recording Studio. If you are interested in their music you can find the latest album here – it is a bit more than a year old now but a new one will be launched soon.






 Click on any image below to launch larger versions in the gallery view, navigate with the arrows once in the gallery.



2016-6: Olympus mjuii, Lomography Colour 800, commercially developed, scanned at home.






8 thoughts on “Concert With Point and Shoot

    • Thank you! The band really liked that aspect of these shots as well. It was an intimate gig, in a really old community hall with most of the audience standing and beer at the back. So, the pictures are quite an accurate representation in that way. The colour was a bit difficult to deal with on this film and I had to change my scanning workflow completely to get to this point.

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  1. I actually like the Lomography 800 for this type of shooting. I’ve used several rolls to shoot the local roller derby team whose track is indoors and poorly lit,, especially after nightfall. The graininess suits the subject matter, as it does with yours.


    • Thanks mombam – have you tried the 120 format Lomography 800. I tried to shoot a couple of rolls – one I loaded backward, and the second I underexposed a bit – I metered for the highlights and should have gone for the shadows. Not very impressed with the few results I have so far, but I understand it is not the same film. The 135 is made in the USA, while the 120 is from China. My camera store expert says the film (I think he is referring to 135) shoots much better at 400 ISO and thinks it might be made for 400 and repackaged for 800. Anyway, I haven’t fully come to terms with the film yet. Especially 120.


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