Week 7: I’m in the Phone Booth it’s the one across the hall

For this week’s roll I shot Fuji Pro400h, this is a film I have only recently started using, but really like it so need to make the most of it before Fuji price us all out from buying it.

My theme this week is the London icon, the Telephone Booth.  I thought I would try and capture a few in different environments.  I am pretty pleased with the results this week

Some thoughts on what I have learnt from this:

  • Must remember what shot I am on. Do I shoot then wind or shoot then not wind until the before the next shot.  This inconsistency has lead to a couple of accidental double exposures (1 posted and admittedly I quite like it)
  • I seem to have a couple of light leaks.  I tape up the Holga and these leaks are mid to end roll so maybe I need to be more careful loading & unloading the film.
  • its all very well taking a picture of the phone booth, but I should think more about what else is in the shot to provide either a clue to the area or some more interesting context.

anyway hope you enjoy, next week more Fuji Pro400h


17 thoughts on “Week 7: I’m in the Phone Booth it’s the one across the hall

  1. I like these. I can see a long term series. Actually it makes me want to find some around here….I know I’ve seen them. They are often installed as “curiosities” in children’s museums or things like that. Anyway these are really fun to look at and your Holga skills are clearly better than mine were before I gave mine away in a fit of frustration 🙂

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    • Thanks 👍 For me I realised I was wondering a bit aimless so planning a subject week has helped me think more about what and how I am shooting

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