Week 6: Night photography with Ilford Delta 3200

For this week, I decided to experiment with some Ilford high speed B&W film. Again I shot with my Mamiya 6, a wide-angle 50 mm lens, Ilford 3200 B&W film metered at 1600 ISO, and orange filter. The subject, is the area around Union Station in downtown Denver.
The first shot is of the underground bus terminal below union station. I was trying not to be obvious that I was taking a photo, so I set up the camera on a tripod and sat to the side of it with a cable release. This is a long exposure, around a second. I had wanted to capture ghosting of the people walking by. Turns out I misjudged things a bit and the figures are too far in the distance.
Here are two images of the main station. Was trying to capture the scale of the place. Not sure which I prefer. I like aspects of both.
I like the strong lines in this image, but its still missing something.
Here is a blow up of one of the Fasttracks cars. I knew that the Ilford 3200 would exhibit strong grain. This blow up really demonstrates that.
Here is a shot from the opposite side of the station on a raised walkway looking back toward where I’d been positioned for the earlier shots.
Shot along the length of the station.
Here are two versions of basically the same shot, showing the station, the tracks and the old Station building in the background.
The first is from a slightly lower angle and shows part of the stair, while the second excludes the stair from the composition. Not sure which I like the most.

Next week, I’ve got a second roll of the 3200 to show.

8 thoughts on “Week 6: Night photography with Ilford Delta 3200

  1. These are great! I shot a lot of Ilford 3200 in college and it’s such a beautiful creature. I love the grain. Great job on the contrast! I think my favorites are the last three – I love the perspective from up there. But really they’re all terrific, can’t wait to see the next roll!

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