Week 6: Groningen

I made quite a few jokes about having to travel to Groningen, in the Netherlands, a week after returning to Hawaii. But in the end, it turned out to be a very nice place, although I didn’t bring enough warm clothes. It is about as remote as  you can be and still be in the Netherlands. It takes around two hours on the train from Schipol, but it is a nice train and there is wifi (if you can manage to get the right train: going there I didn’t).  I shot around two rolls of Tri-X @1600. With all the fog and winter light I was happy about the push-processing. I think I have the recipe right, but I am interested in comments from experts.

The first photograph is of a building taken on the Zernicke campus outside Groningen. It’s a nice campus, and they have a lot of water:


At the Zernicke campus. Look at all that water, Californians!

Next is one from the first day of our meeting. Everyone is looking much more serious than they really are:


Of course, like we saw in Hawaii, the real way to make progress in Astronomy is to drink coffee and talk. And there was a lot of that, thanks to a plentiful supply of coffee from the organisers:


I did have a short time to visit – a few hours in the morning and in the evening. At night one can see things like this:


The day that I left I was gifted with heavy, thick fog once again, and I was happy at having push-processed my film:


It’s easy to take pictures of bicycles here..

And yes, David Bowie is … completely obscured by fog:


Next week: A few photographs around Paris. The film is currently drying in the bathroom 🙂 .

Technical details: all photographs are taken with an M6 and a Summicron 50mm. Film is Tri-X 400 @1600 developed in HC110 dil. B @ 16mins @20c.

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