Week 7: Roll 7 Hasselblad 500C/ Kodak Verichrome Pan


Hasselblad 500C/Kodak Verichrome Pan

This week I learned two things, I really need to get both of the backs for the Hasselblad serviced and secondly, I am totally getting a stainless steel tank and reel.

I have run into this problem on more than one occasion where it looks like there are graduated lines on one side of 90% of my frames. For awhile there, I thought that it was water staining, but I’ve tried using distilled water in everything and still have issues. So, after chatting with a good friend, we figured it may be my developing tank/reel. I currently use an older well loved anscomatic developing tank and reel, and when one pours 500 ML into the tank, it barely covers the adjustable 120 reel. This then lends to the consideration that perhaps, while I’m agitating the tank, even gently, that the amount of developer I lose could be affecting the results. I don’t have the same issue when I develop 35mm.

As far as the backs, both of the A12 backs have issues and need to be serviced before I trust them to use them for a trip to NYC. In this roll, I just so happened to get that random light leak I’ve gotten only a few times before. You will see them in several of these shots.

So, this year will definitely be a year of fine tuning gear and developing.

Anyways- onto the roll, that’s what you’re all reading this for, right? lol. I shot a beautiful expired roll of Kodak Verichrome Pan.


Hasselblad 500C/ Kodak Verichrome Pan



Hasselblad 500C/ Kodak Verichrome Pan

I love rusty gold and after leaving the local Hampton Coffee shop, I happened to spot this rusty beauty in the yard next to the coffee shop. I was torn between driving over to the house and asking and just leaving. Then, I saw a gentleman loading things into a truck in from the shed behind the tractor, so I gathered my courage and my gear and walked over. I figured the worse thing he could do was say no. Not only did he not say no, but he told me to explore and enjoy! We chatted Β for a little bit about his love for these vintage tractors and then I wandered around and snapped a few photos.

Afterwards, I drove down the road and pulled into a local farm that sells their own eggs, goat cheeses, goat milk soap, beef cuts and lots of other things.


Hasselblad 500C/ Kodak Verichrome Pan

When I left their little shop, these adorable guys got really excited to see me. I think they were hoping I had some snacks to feed them. After I walked up and the figured out I didn’t have any, they weren’t nearly as interested, but luckily I snapped this photo before they lost interest πŸ™‚

Then I went around trying to think of things that had been catching my interest lately. Here’s a couple from around town. The alleyway shot was the last on the roll, and I definitely am thinking of going there to shoot some more for my week 8 roll since I didn’t find it to the end.


Hasselblad 500C/ Kodak Verichrome Pan


Hasselblad 500C/ Kodak Verichrome Pan


Hasselblad 500C/ Kodak Verichrome Pan

And to finish it off, which was actually the first shot on the roll, one of our sweet little furbabies πŸ™‚ well, actually, my daughter’s furbaby.


Hasselblad 500C/ Kodak Verichrome Pan

I think I may actually be a week behind haha, but oh well. This is always a learning experience and we all are growing at our own speeds.

I hope some of the images were enjoyable and don’t forget to follow and check out my flickr album for the 52 rolls project to see all the photos so far in this project. Thanks again for reading and liking my posts and photos!




20 thoughts on “Week 7: Roll 7 Hasselblad 500C/ Kodak Verichrome Pan

  1. I’ll probably be sticking with mostly medium format and black and white for the 52 rolls project. It seems the most economical for me lol I can’t afford to get color rolls developed every few weeks. I wish though! I’ll sprinkle color in there somewhere haha


  2. Very nice. Great mixture of subjects. I’ve found that people who collect machinery like it when someone else expresses interest in what they are collection. So always ask.

    As for the development tank, is there room at the top of the tank to take a bit more?

    Liked by 1 person

    • No that’s what surprised me. When I actually put the reel in there and poured 500 ml in it barely covers it and the reel is basically touching the top. So any amount of lost developer could be causing the graduating lines. I just purchased a used steel tank and reel so hopefully that problem can be checked off my list. 😊


    • thanks! That’s probably one of my favorites. I guess I should ask you to specify which tractor shot lol. And yes, the verichrome pan turned out beautifully! I shot it at 100 ASA and developed normally.


  3. bravo, madame … beautiful squares!

    If you love rusty gold, you might like this video

    you haven’t mentioned where the graduated lines were … on the negatives or on the scans … so, before you do anything else, give your scanner glass a good clean and rescan … I have seen straight black lines vanish just after wiping the scanner glass with a clean cloth.

    all the best


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  5. I really like the shots of the old tractor. So much depth! I’m with you on the stainless steel tank! The plastic reel screwed up my first roll on the Voigtlander in Week 6. I have my new equipment but have to do some practicing in the light before feeling comfortable with the clip. Just like being a beginner again πŸ™‚


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