52 Rolls Week 8:52

This is my second roll exploring the Holga Fisheye.  I’m still figuring out what focussing range yields the best fisheye effect.  In the future I will try a side-by side comparison of a real fisheye (my Minolta 35mm) vs. Holga fisheye, but we are not ready for that yet…….

We’ll start at the Golf Course.  Not Playing Golf, but looking for new views of the nearby Front Range.  The Holga, with a normal lens (or any normal lens for that matter) cannot really capture the mountains at this distance (~22 miles as the crow flies).  But here we go:


Above:  Donald had ‘discovered’ this vantage point….here working with the TravelWide 4X5.

Below:  Holga image of the Golf Course and mountains in the distance……the fence does have a nice curvature.


Here a cropped ‘zoom’ into the mountains……snow covered on the horizon, you might mistake them for clouds.


And now a few architectural attempts…..


Above:  I like the curve on the power lines and the street curb……..


Above:  an unexpected ‘special’ Holga effect….reflection of the trees captured in the fisheye lens.


So I’m still working on the best subject matter……..but I’m not giving up on the Fisheye yet.

Tech Info:  Holga 120S with Holga Plastic Fisheye Lens, Ilford Delta 400, developed and scanned by Ilford Labs-US

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