Week 8 – A week late … Expired Fuji Provia 400

Due to a busy time and the dreaded man flu I am a tad behind with my 52 rolls project.

I am pretty well up to date with the actual shooting of the films but the processing and editing has taken a bit of a backseat.

This weeks set was shot with my Nikon F100, 50mm f1.4 on expired Fuji Provia 400x.

As I don’t process my E6 films it has taken a while for the films to return from AG Photographic who also mounted them for me so that I could scan them.

This is the 1st time that I have ever scanned 35 mm transparencies and I must admit it was a long laborious job, something that I am not in a hurry to do again.

Trying to get any sort of consistent colour was hard work and because they were all shot in varying lighting conditions it didn’t help the process.

The last few rolls of expired Provia I have shot I cross processed which gave a look that I liked but just for a change this time I went for E6 process and a few of the shots did impress me colourwise.

35mm transparencies don’t have the same sort of pop that 120 does for me I don’t really see the point in shooting it over ordinary colour film really, I still have a few rolls of Provia left and I think I will be cross processing them as at least that way I will be getting something a little different.

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4 thoughts on “Week 8 – A week late … Expired Fuji Provia 400

  1. Nice shots, I get your point about slide film and agree 120 is better, but I think it depends on the film as well, 35mm Velvia 50 with a polarising filter really pops

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