Week 8: Roll 8- Olympus OM1N with Panatomic-X

Structures, Textures, Patterns and… Crystal Vibes?


“Hello”- Olympus OM1N- Kodak Panatomic X

Well, this is technically roll 8 and a half. The roll that I actually shot for week 8 ended up with horrible scratches on the negatives from frame 6 to the end of the roll. I about cried. It was two strikes this week. After talking with some people, it was determined that it would be faster to re-take the photos and try and capture the same time-frame and lighting. So, I crossed my fingers that today would be sunny like it had been yesterday. And so the day dawned, bright and sunny, albeit about 30 degrees colder than yesterday.



“Rings of Time”- Olympus OM1N- Panatomic X

This week, I decided to explore Riverhead a little bit more. You may remember my favorite photo from last week’s roll, here, it was a shot of an alleyway in Riverhead. Anyways, since the film back on the Hasselblad has decided to get a light leak issue, I decided to turn to my trust Olympus this week and grabbed a roll of one of my favorite films, Panatomic-X. This beautiful bulk roll has lasted me over a year and given me such stunning photos like this one, and this one, and some of my favorites from a garden in Florida. When combined with Rodinal, it produces such smooth results with such fine grain.

PanatomicX025 I figured, what better way to show the delicious fine grain and tonal values this film can offer, than to focus on textures and shapes? (and I was also running out of ideas)

So, armed with my Olympus and a Zuiko 50mm 1.4, I took to the streets of Riverhead. Here are a few of the results from this endeavor. As you can tell, I’ve already touched on a couple of the textures with the wood and the glass. I hope you enjoy 🙂



“Fly Away”- Olympus OM1N- Panatomic X





At the end of it all, today, I stopped into a store that I thought was an organic grocery store. They were more an eclectic collection of everything. They had everything from soap, to organic yarn, to crystals. I did not have a lot of time to explore the whole store, but they were nice enough to show me the back room that is a full fledged crystal lounge. In this lounge, you can go and relax and soak up the healing, balancing, and strengthening powers of all the crystals that are on display around the room. It was too dim to really get any good photos, but I enjoyed just exploring a little and learning about different crystals. They told me to find a crystal that “resonated with me”. Now, I’m not really one to believe in the power that a piece of rock can hold, but I went along with it and was actually quite intrigued by some of it. In the end, I discovered a beautiful little piece of rainbow fluorite, and while black and white film can’t really show the beauty of the color it has, I snapped a photo anyways to commemorate the day 🙂 The little flash of light you see is actually a little rainbow within the crystal that shines when you turn it and hold it just so.


I think the photo also shows off the gorgeous bokeh of the Zuiko 50 1.4 as well 🙂 so that’s a plus, lol.

Well, I hope you enjoyed a few of these photos and following along with the rambling adventures of the last eight weeks. Be sure to check out my Flickr album that is updated each week with all the new photos so you can catch up and see photos from the past weeks. Thank you for reading!

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