Party in Tacoma

I’m violating my declaration that I’d use a different camera every week, but I’m really enjoying this Fuji GA645w and the new Lomo Instant camera.

I had taken a few shots with the Fuji using a flash before, but I wanted to see more of it, and see  how well it might focus in low light. I shot on aperture priority using some expired ISO100 film.   It did pretty good, though there were definitely times that it held the shutter open for a while.  But I like that look.   I was hoping to get a kind of “party in New York in the 80’s” kind of feeling.

It left me wondering if I could use some kind of focus assist with the camera, but I don’t know if its possible, unless I manually do that with some device before the camera tries to focus.  But I don’t know how to do that.



They’re wearing full body colored synthetic suits.



The one shot without a flash.


As for the Lomo Instant camera, I did a few long exposures.  It has a bulb mode, and as long as you hold down the shutter button, it keeps it open.  Up to 8 or 30 seconds (I forget).  Most of my exposures were around 3 seconds, with the flash popping at the end.

I also did a few double exposures.



Double exposure.  They weren’t standing so close.


All in all, great fun.  Though I need to pay more attention to the focus ring on the Lomo Instant.  Some shots were out of focus.   You didn’t really need to pay attention to that so much on earlier Instax Wide cameras.

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