#6.0 – Diary Shots, 135mm on the F4


Getting dressed. Nikon F4, 135/2.8 non-Ai, 1/60, f/2.8, Neopan 400 (N-2), TMax 1+4

Felt like practicing and missed the F4, so I chose the 135/2.8 non-Ai wide open mostly at 1/125. Neopan 400 (1600), TMax 1+4.

It’s a great lens which also pleases you physically. When pressing the shutter button, the mechanics in the 135 mm lens tube almost drum a sound you hear sometimes when heavy, traditional door locks are opened rapidly: klrmmmk (but within the twentieth of a second). When you hold your ear on the back of the Nikon F4 and press the shutter, you hear the damped mechanism (Soundcheck) and afterwards there is this special resonant reverbing tone, like coil springs – audible only a little on this video. But on the other hand the clip shows the F4 the way I like it: with the slim battery pack MB-20 and not with the monster truck MB-21 (see details).

I could press the shutter button several times a day, especially with the 135/2.8 non-Ai attached on this elegant camera. And so do the girls.



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