#6.1-#6.3: Purchasing New Material, Celebrating


dm200 + dm400 – Fujifilm Reala 100, Hasselblad 500 C/M, Sonnar 150 mm, f/8, 16 secs

In a week or so, I will be publishing a magazine article about a special brand of generic film which was available in drugstores. It’s a story about a film which was specifically labelled for the german drugstore market ‘dm’. They stopped selling it last year. It was an ISO 200 film, most probably a Fujifilm C200, which I liked. Shooting with it was fun, because the film was tremendously cheap: 3.45 Euros for three rolls! Imagine that: less than 1.20 € for one roll of film. The ISO 400 film was indiscernibly more expensive: 1.45 € a roll. No kidding.

Last year, this brand was discontinued and I am looking back with a personal view, telling about the habits I adapted by dealing with expendable items like this, and how the industry situation is like in Germany now (sales figures decrease 20 to 30 percent each year). The magazine story will be published in Photoklassik II/2016, a german magazine dedicated to analog photography.

When the dm market officially announced the dm200 Paradies and the dm400 Paradies would be discontinued, I bought sixty or seventy rolls of the 200 and ten or twenty rolls of the 400 and was done with it. Now I’m looking for new ways, regarding photographic color film.

The color pictures shown here are made with dm400 and the nice Nikon AF600 – first we went to the district Berlin-Neukölln, then me moved on to Berlin-Mitte to get to the tower and to purchase some other film, developer and fixer afterwards. I had already showed the Fernsehturm (TV-Tower) in my first post here (“Launch Status Check”), to take that picture I was standing on the top of a big hotel which you can see in the black and white gallery at the bottom of this post.

What’s next? I am going to try some Kodak Vision3 500T, which is a film for motion pictures. The details will be dealt with in another post when I start out with it (keywords: remjet, ECN-2, loading, 400ft bulk, mixing chemicals) but on week #6 I purchased a roll of it, accompanied by my elder daughter who was sick that day, so she could stay with me instead of going to Kindergarten. Afterwards we were celebrating the purchase and went up to the Tower at Alexanderplatz. She’s five and this was her first time being up somewhere up this high (flying to Paris being an exception).

After two rolls of dm400 Paradies I had a Delta400. I like it’s resolution capabilities as much as I am astounded by the quality of the 28mm lens of the AF600 point and shoot. I’d like to compare a print with one from the Hasselblad 500 C/M with a 50mm Distagon on it.


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19 thoughts on “#6.1-#6.3: Purchasing New Material, Celebrating

  1. Yeah, too bad that they all (dm, Rossmann, …) discontinued these films. They were crazy cheap and still quite nice. Oh, and I like that photo essay a lot. Now I really wish I hadn’t sold my Nikon AF600, but I refuse to pay the prices the fetch on eBay these days.

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  2. Thanks! The dm office said the film companies refused to offer branded material, so according to dm, it was not their choice but the choice of the fabricating companies (most probably Fujifilm).

    My article had recieved the first hate rants by two anonymous grandpas in a german online forum – http://bit.ly/21hrSwj – but as long as they refuse to sign their criticism with a name I can’t take it seriously.

    The AF600 was sheer luck. When purchasing both XA-cameras last month the seller told me about the 28mm point and shoot. First I said no, later I learned about the qualities by reading some articles, next day I came back asking for it. You can’t decline an opportunity offer, but I wouldn’t spend more than 30 Euros for it.


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  4. I miss being able to just grab the dm 200 almost anywhere for cheap and still get decent results (400 was a bit more hit and miss). I must have used it in half my 52rolls posts last year.

    When I came back to film, this, plus cheap development at dm (€1 for just negatives in a sleeve) made it a viable thing to experiment with. The Fuji-made Agfa Precisa also went up in price a year or two ago, I probably wouldn’t have used that so much either at today’s prices (though it’s still the cheapest slide film around). Too bad Fuji seems to have their heart set on exiting film altogether in the near future.

    Is that article published yet, BTW? Very interested to read it!

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