Week 9 continued: Delta Doofus

doofus (7 of 7)Roll 18(!) for the year was one of those that’s been in a camera for a while. It was a roll of Ilford Delta 3200 (ehem) Professional, in a Canon EOS5. I finished it off over the weekend with some snaps of Emily (who, if it wasn’t a leap year, would have been one year old today!).

I’ve been processing my own films for a few years now and haven’t really screwed one up for a while. Yes, they’re sometimes a little mushy, or I’m not happy with the colours, but there’s usually something that makes it worth the effort.

Whenever there has been a problem, it’s always to do with the way the film has gone onto the reel. On this occasion, I pushed the film onto the reel as I sometimes do (rather than using the ‘self-winding’ cleverness) and it felt like it was going on OK. On removal however, I was greeted with a film that was still almost completely opaque as it had not gone onto the spool correctly, and stuck together meaning that it not been developed by the chemicals.

When held up to the light, there was a trace of some darker areas and so I thought I’d scan it anyway and tweak the levels and contrast in Lightroom to salvage what I could. Here’s the best of what was left…

This last picture I really like, despite its ‘sun spots’ and grainy weirdness. It was taken in the wildlife reserve that will be just a few hundred meters away from the house that we’ll move into in less than three weeks. I expect that this stand of trees will be photographed several times a week…doofus (1 of 7)

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