Week 9: Its a sign I need to try harder

This week I shot a roll of Fuji Pro400h and the results are a little bit Meh. Mine not the films fault.

The plan was as I was walking around London, I would take some pictures of recognisable street signs.

I thought I would try and take a picture of the sign and also hopefully capture something of the essence of the street. It hasn’t really worked, so what have I learned

  • As I am shooting with a Holga I need to remember to adjust my thoughts in line with the cameras capabilities.  Because I haven’t some shots are unclear
  • In terms of composition I haven’t really captured anything about the street.  For example in the Saville row shot I should have waited for someone in a tailored suit to walk into view

Anyway take a look and see what you think.


10 thoughts on “Week 9: Its a sign I need to try harder

  1. I don’t think these are bad at all! There are exposure issues on a couple of them, but nothing too horrible, and that’s to be expected when using a camera with limited control over exposure settings. The third from the bottom, that is the most underexposed, I actually really like because it has the pop of pink from the neon sign that adds interest.

    Don’t give up! For me, beginning to learn what lighting works best with the exposure settings of any given toy camera is key. Then you will know when conditions are optimal for shooting with it.

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  2. I like the project idea: London really lends itself to this because everywhere looks so different. Love the Wardour St shot especially, but think Argyll St is also pretty splendid. Keep it up!

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  3. It’s not too meh , as long as I didn’t understand your goal . The holga is definitely not a precision instrument . Instead of getting what you want , the cAmera usually do whatever it likes to do . Sure we can work around it and make it work , but that defeats the purpose of that camera . Keep up the good work .

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