Week 8: Testing a new lens

This week the roll that I’m featuring is a roll I shot to test a new lens for our Mamiya 6. We recently added a normal (75mm) lens for our 6×6 Mamiya system to supplement our wide angle (50mm) and telephoto (150mm). Up until not I exclusively shot with the wide angle, but in the coming weeks I’m going to try experimenting with other focal lengths.

Here I shot a roll of Kodak Tmax 100, with an orange filter at 2 stops over the meter reading (one stop to compensate for the filter and one stop to push the film one stop).


The first image is the Boulder power plant on a snowy day.


Work campus from interior court yard.


Tall grass.


Lone tree.


Fire plug. Maybe more contrast.


Ice crystals.I’d like get the ice crystals to pop on this. So perhaps lighten it up some.


Reflection in water. I’m pretty happy with this one.


Self portrait. Can you see me down at the bottom center. I’m thinking I need to lighten that area to make the figure stand out.


Storage. I think the snow should be whiter. Again, need to work on that.


Corrugated. I’m not happy with the tonal ranges here. Need to work on that more.

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