52 Rolls Week 9:52

Something different this week.  A side by side comparison Part I (Mamiya 6 vs Holga), and a little Photoshop Fun!

First the comparison, which is really not fair at all:


Above:  Holga with Orange Filter and standard 60 mm lens; Below Mamiya 6 with orange filter and 75mm Normal Lens.  Obviously the plastic Holga filters don’t quite measure up to a real contrast filter.


The Tallest Peak visible above is Mount Meeker.

Now for some Photoshop Fun with Photomerge.  I had promised a better image of the Flatirons Mountains near my home.  With the 6X6 format that is only possible by building a panorama using the Photomerge option.  Below the finished product, a Panorama of the Flatirons taken from Legions Park east of Boulder, Colorado:


I had wondered how Photomerge would handle the vignette effect.  As you see below, it left a bit of the shading.    So above, I did a little clone stamping to minimize this.


Both of the images above were cropped from the original Merge, of four images shown below:


The view includes a 1920’s era power plant and cooling pond.  Still operational, but converted from coal to natural gas.

Tech Info: Holga (Ilford Delta 400), Mamiya 6 (T-Max 400).  Developed and scanned by Old School Photolab.

2 thoughts on “52 Rolls Week 9:52

  1. OK, well I hadn’t thought of trying that. Accidentally did it once. Gotta love those Holga “Accidents”.


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