Roll 3 – Still Late

With some drastic changes in my employment life over the last few weeks my attempt to get my posting back on track was derailed. However, the changes are for the best, so hopefully things will begin to come together now.

The interesting component to waiting several weeks to edit/write about these images is that it forces me to revisit them after I’ve moved on to new things. Looking back is generally something I’m bad at. Some of this is intentional (man, I sucked then!), and some of it is laziness (but they’re all put away!). This time around, looking back on the beginning of a fun new experiment re-motivated me to give this a second chance in the coming weeks.

Week 3 was rainy and busy, so when Saturday night rolled around and I hadn’t shot anything I decided to close myself in the darkest room I could find (the bathroom), and see what I could do. There are essentially photograms (camera-less images), created by putting things on top of a piece of Fuji Instax, using a battery powered flash and guessing at amount of light needed, then (still in the dark), putting the piece of film back into a camera and ejecting it. This last step was necessary because trying to evenly distribute the chemicals myself using a roller proved to be quite difficult.

This was the beginning of testing the flash exposure, and possibility of this process. I made it very simple using a pile of metal odds and ends I had lying around.

resized (2 of 2)

This was the last images in the pack and what I’d like to continue playing with – magazine pages.

resized (1 of 2)


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