Week 9 – Crown Graphic on the beach

When I was in Galveston, I also exposed some sheet film.  Somehow I managed to have a little mental lapse when I loaded the holders, and ended up shooting through the back of the film.  Again.  Supposedly this is impossible with Tri-X, but there ya go.  I managed it. Old bad habits die hard!  Thankfully, it was only half of the sheets, and they still scan reasonably well.

I decided to go ahead and share all the photographs, even tho some of them I haven’t had time to spot clean and they are kind of a mess.  Guess I need to go back to the beach again and try to get it right – that’s a valid excuse for another trip to the coast, right?

All Tri-X at ISO 200 (ish, since who knows with it loaded backward), in Crown Graphic, developed in DK50 1:1.

galveston beach shootapalooza (1 of 1)galveston seawall shootapalooza dirty (1 of 1)


galveston wavesl shootapalooza dirty (1 of 1)

(backward)galveston 1 surfers (1 of 1)galveston 2 pier (1 of 1)

(backward)louise on the rocks galveston shootapalooza dirty (1 of 1)

(backward, and I’m most upset about messing this one up because my daughter is in it)



6 thoughts on “Week 9 – Crown Graphic on the beach

  1. I actually really love the first backward one with the intense dark ocean but sorry to hear of the messed up one of your daughter :/ they look great!

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