#7.0-#7.2: Concert

Celebration time again. It was my birthday when I teamed up with the Benny Lackner Trio for some stage shots. Piano, bass, drums.

Most of the pictures were made with a digital cam, but I also had the Hasselblad 500 C/M with me and the F4 – and a flash on stage.

In terms of working conditions, I couldn’t have asked for more: They let me work and I could frame the band the way I planned it beforehand, i.e. with the audience in the background.

The Kodak Tri-X in the 500 C/M turned out nicely, especially with the 50mm Distagon. Before the show I told the musicians I would come really close with it and they let me do my thing. The Rollei Retro 400s was no success in Microphen – is it a Kentmere? Anyway.

But it was fun to activate the wireless flash remote (which I had in my pocket) with a PC-Sync cord and having a flash on stage triggered like this.


Tri-X (N-3), Microphen, 500 C/M, 50/4 Distagon, wireless triggered flash

Also the results of the F4 combined with the 85/1.8 are pleasing. The Delta 400 was fine at N-2 or N-3 in TMax developer 1+4, I am starting to like more.


If you like to get an impression of the music: Once I searched for cover versions of “If 6 was 9”, and this was my favorite:



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