Week 10 : Are you sitting comfortably…..good then I’ll begin

So I have made it to week 10 & the Holga has not been smashed to bits yet. This week I shot a roll of Ilford HP 5 a film I am liking more & more.

As I am now 20% through I thought I would reflect on how it has gone so far.

To recap I am using a Holga and shooting Medium format film both of which I have never used before.

Those of you that have been following may have the impression that I have no love for the Holga.  This is not quite true, I do find it frustrating and compared to my 35mm SLR far too basic and also you will note that I am critical of the images even during the ‘good’ weeks.

This is actually why I am doing this project.  I wanted to be constrained by the limitations of the Holga, I wanted to try new films and I wanted the discipline of having to shoot a roll each week.  I am hoping this forces me to concentrate on things like composition, light and stories to thus hopefully improve my overall photography.

That in mind, take a seat and take a look at this week’s images


6 thoughts on “Week 10 : Are you sitting comfortably…..good then I’ll begin

  1. I like the theme. The seats all seem so lonely and the slightly hazy look reinforces the surreal feeling. I personally gave away my Holga after one roll because I couldn’t stand the frustration, so I feel highly qualified to admire your tenacity.

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