Week 10 – First time shooting HP5 in medium format

My most favourite film by a long way is ilford HP5 but strangely I have never shot it in 120 format.

I don’t really have a good reason why I have never shot it so a few weeks back when starting this 52 rolls project I bought a load of 120 film including HP5.

What I like about HP5 in 35mm format is the contrast and grain it gives so I was a little worried that shooting it in the Mamiya 645 at box speed I would not get the look I was used to.

After developing the roll in some ilfotec HC I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the film, it looked lovely and contrasty and very sharp.

I may experiment pushing it next time as the look of HP5 @ 1600 is lovely in 35mm.

The 1st image was shot in Bridgend town centre while all the others were at home here in the Garw Valley…..

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7 thoughts on “Week 10 – First time shooting HP5 in medium format

  1. It’s interesting because I really only like HP5 in Medium and Large format, can’t stand it in 35mm. But Tri-X will always be the first film I go to.

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  2. Shooting 120 film again with Yashica 124G but I AM HAVING A REALLY HARD TIME FINDING A PLACE TO DEVELOP AND PRINT. I live in Hamilton,NJ 08619 Any suggestions? Thanks Much!

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