#8.0: Helicopter

2016-#8.0-delta400-xtol- (10)

In the morning, this chopper was landing in our park on a rescue mission when I brought the girls to Kindergarten – they were cheering big time – , and the pilots were ready to take off when I returned (no causalities). So I had time to get into the house, went back to the park with a camera, and talked to the rescue team first. The moment before the helicopter took off, suddenly an attractive female police officer came up to me and asked if I am doing this professionally. I told her it is just personal work and that I’m obsessed with helicopters. She smiled and said: ‘We all have our fetishes, don’t we?’

I shall seek for a chance to visit the base of the helicopter team. Maybe with some wide angle lenses as well.

Delta 400, Xtol stock, Nikon F5, 70-210/2.8 Asph.

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21 thoughts on “#8.0: Helicopter

    • Yes, and they didn’t look like being in trouble doing this. But the telephoto lens is gathering the perspective, too. With a wider lens or even a 50mm it wouldn’t look that dramatic, probably.


    • I’m glad you like it. My obsession will lead me to other angles as well. Let’s see what we can get this year 🙂


  1. reads post … sees the words “attractive female police officer” … skips the remaining text and hurriedly scrolls through the pics that follow … nothing …

    gets nostalgic about teenage years … smiles

    memories …

    ah yes, that’s what photographs are all about 🙂

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    • She was a little like Frances McDormand. Maybe a little more compelling with her smile and softer in the eyes. As a police officer, she was obviously working out and she was comfortable with returning the gaze of the viewer. The hairstyle I can’t remember, but the dress size must have been similar to Charlize Theron’s 😉

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      • Yay … Charlize Theron is my all time favorite!

        Police officers are probably trained in basic psychology as well … they will always look you straight in the eyes … intimidating.

        Now that I think about it, I don’t do that much often myself … except when I’m photographing!

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  2. I think he may mean that when people see you with a nice camera (or anything more than a cell phone nowadays) they always assume you are a professional photographer.

    Good example for why you should always have a camera with you……..never know what you will see.


    • Don’t know. As a police officer in Berlin you always see the same people with cameras. Press photographers. I assume it’s a rare case you meet professional fine art photographes at crime scenes or emergency situations.


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