Week 10 – Brownie Hawkeye on the street

Over the past bunch of months, I have done a lot more 35mm work, and now I’m finding myself missing looking down into the camera.  I very much prefer using a WLF, since it doesn’t require me to break the connection between myself and my surroundings by putting a camera in front of my face.  Lately, a smaller camera that I carry with me everywhere has been much more my M.O.  So I decided to try a happy medium:  the Brownie.  Smaller, lighter, more easily shoveable into a bagable, but with a WLF.  I also had been keen to try out my friend Efrain’s multiple exposure technique again.  So off I went, with a stop for lunch. This roll is one of the three I exposed that day, and I am including all but a couple of shots that didn’t work well enough to even bother showing.

Brownie Hawkeye, Kodak Tri-X in D76 1:1

Indoor and shady outdoor multiple exposures

guero's brownie 1 (1 of 1)smguero's brownie 2 (1 of 1)smguero's window brownie (1 of 1)smbarber shop brownie (1 of 1)sm

In the next two images, I learned (again) that the Brownie’s shutter speed isn’t really fast enough for photographing mid-stride

amy's brownie (1 of 1)smdogs brownie (1 of 1)sm


guero's out the door brownie (1 of 1)smhopdoddy brownie (1 of 1)smno guns reflection self brownie (1 of 1)smtorchy's brownie (1 of 1)sm

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