Expired Film Day



I am skipping over a backlog of film (27 rolls or so from 2016) waiting to be posted in order to celebrate Expired Film Day, which was yesterday. These shots are from a roll of Ektachrome 100 (EPN 120) that expired in 1991. The film is part of a batch that came with my Mamiya M645 Super when I bought it a year or so ago.

I metered it at ISO50, and had the film cross processed in C41 chemistry. The results are a bit unexpected as the colours are not shifted much, even when I do a neutral scan of the negatives. Another surprise was the low amount of grain as I thought that 25 years of sitting around would have made it more grainy. There is another roll of the 100, and several of Ektachrome 64 – next time I use it I must see how it comes out with E6 processing.

I shot half the roll in more park like settings to see how the film would look in comparison to a more brightly coloured urban setting. The more natural setting shots are on my blog today in a post called Cross Processed Ektachrome



 Click on any image below to launch larger versions in the gallery view, navigate with the arrows once in the gallery.


2016-8: Mamiya M645 Super with 55mm/f2.8 lense, Ektachrome 100 (EPN 120) expired August 1991, commercially cross-processed, scanned at home.






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