Week 11 – More Holga loveliness …

I am a little behind again, I have 2 other rolls in 2 cameras half shot and also the roll that I used for expired film day during the week.

I am hoping to finish off at least 1 of the rolls today weather permitting so I can get them off to the lab.

This roll was probably slightly rushed just to make sure I got something finished last week but I was pleased with the results.

I paid a visit to my local Church yard which lends itself to the look that the holga gives, it was shot on HP5 and processed in ilfotec HC.

I usually clean up any dust/scratches on the scans but I felt that there was no need on this roll as it adds to the gritty look for my eye.

I don’t mind the light leaks but it appears that I have rather a large one at the top right corner which is a little annoying as it seems to burn out too much of the frame for me.

As I know its there I have rotated the camera in some shots to try to place it on the side of the frame for a different effect.

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