52 Rolls Week 11:52

Film delayed but not denied.  Had a little downloading glitch, but Week 11 has arrived.  An experiment with Crossbird ISO 200 Transparency Film, designed for Cross processing (or so they say).

I actually think that other films I have cross processed looked more interesting:  But here we go, let’s dive in:


Let’s Start Holy Week with the South Window from St John’s Episcopal Church, Boulder.  In fact all scenes will be from the Boulder Environs.  I’m going to start doing afternoon walk abouts on Sundays to capture Old Town Boulder, Colorado.


Above, the Boulder Theatre, now a Mostly a Live Music Venue, although it was a Film Festival Sight.  Around the Front Range, old movie theatre (most built in the silent era) have been preserved as live music venues.  In most American Cities, these theaters were torn down in the 1970’s, for the sake of progress.


Another Arc Deco style building in downtown Boulder, the Old Courthouse.  Now just a county office building, as the Criminal Justice System has move to larger digs.


Last view of architecture today.  First Methodist Church preserved the 1880’s Facade when they built the new modern church in the 1960’s.


Back to our vintage 1920’s Power plant….more Arc Deco I suppose if we could get a closer look.  You can see a hint of the Continental Divide, especially below in the cropped view.


And my final Boulder View:  an incipient Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability.  Most of us would call it a cloud, but it does require special conditions to form, caused by wind shear in mountainous regions.  I’ve been waiting almost 10 years to photograph one of these.  So it made my day!


Tech Info: Woca Camera, Crossbird ISO 200 Transparency film, Cross Processed and Scanned by OldSchoolPhotoLab.

3 thoughts on “52 Rolls Week 11:52

  1. My Woca is misbehaving. Not rolling the film tight enough, so when I remove the film I get light leaks. I could fix tat, but one last roll and I’ll drop it from my project. I think that the glass lens takes something away from the “Holganess”, without adding any real quality.


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