Abandoned dog kennel and Nikon F

A few days ago I picked up a Nikon F with a 28mm f/2.8 lens for $50 at Goodwill.   I also got a 50mm f/.4 for $30.   They’re not Nikkor, but they seem fine.
It was a little unusual to find a better camera at goodwill, as most of the good stuff is weeded out to go onto shopgoodwill.com.

The shutter speeds seem to be all fine, but the meter is either broken, or the batteries are dead.   No big deal though, as I can just meter with an app on my Android, Tiny Light Meter.

I was eager to take it out for a spin, and the abandoned dog kennel seemed like a quick nearby place to go.

It was just before sunset, so I brought some ISO 800 film.   I shot a lot at f/5.6 1/60th, but I guessed at some exposure compensation sometimes, and shot at f/2.8 in the lower light sometimes.



House/office full of trash



Lots of trash



The pens have little areas where the dog could go inside.



Evidence of homeless who set up a shanty


Dog carrier


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