Week #12 – Dark Side of the Moon

This roll is dedicated to my daughter. Some days ago it was her birthday- she hung one more year on the line. It was the 20th anniversary of her birth and she decided to have a party with good friends. The more surprising was it, that I was invited, too.

The party took place at the darkest den in town. A small pub inside a historic building in the center of town. The upstair lounge was beautifully decorated in black and gold. Lights where rare and low, many people in dark dresses and most of them very fond of cigarettes as smoking is allowed in there. It didn´t take too long until it was hard to find the toilette without infrared navigation.

Knowing that it would be a tough job to take some pictures I decided to take the Canon EOS 1N with me, equipped with a fast 1.8/50 lens. The EOS 1N is great for focussing in the dark. Especially the center field finds its target even at low light. The film I used was an Ilford PAN 400 (expired 2010) and I had to raise the ISO to 6400 to get sensible shutter times even at 1.8. I didn´t want to use any flash.

For development I choose stand development to get the most out of the film. It bathed in Adonal 1:100 for one hour with a few rotations at 30 minutes. When I took the film off the reel I was not sure if I would get any picture from it. The film was nearly clear, which means black as a positive. But there where some promissing dark spots and the numbers and marks on the rim where in perfect shape which made me hope, that at least the processing was done right.

Scanning was hard though. And most of the pictures where bad. These eight remained and might give you an idea of the location. The more I look at them the more I like them.


3 thoughts on “Week #12 – Dark Side of the Moon

    • That´s true! Especially faces get an interesting illumination…. could be interesting to do a series of these….


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