Week 12 – Sunday stroll with the Bronica & some Vericolor III

This week has been pretty productive film shooting wise.

I managed to shoot my roll for Expired film day and also shot another 2 rolls on top spread over the week.

As we have had a couple of brighter days here in the South Wales valleys they were all colour film too.

I was going to shoot this Kodak Vericolor III for the expired film day but it was not boxed and I didn’t know how it had been stored prior to me getting my hands on it so I went with some Fuji NPS160 that even though it expired in 1999 had supposedly been fridge stored.

I was not expecting great things from this roll but when the scans came back form @film_dev I loved the colours it produced, very slightly muted but still pretty punchy.

The Bronica SQai apart from being a heavy beast produces incredibly sharp images even wide open at f2.8 and on expired film.

I find it easier to compose with my Mamiya 645 but I am starting to get used to the square format a bit more and was pretty pleased with this roll in general.

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9 thoughts on “Week 12 – Sunday stroll with the Bronica & some Vericolor III

  1. Have you ever seen an advert for out of date film where it’s not supposedly been stored in a freezer, lol. I always take those comments with an enormous pinch of salt.

    I have to say I love the square format, the ability to use a WL viewfinder with nil else is perfect and there is something quite special in my view with that format. I love shooting with it, these are lovely the stand out for me is the last frame though.

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  2. I love the magical look that these have to them 🙂 Especially the telephone box and those bottom two on the left. We have quite a few rolls of expired file kicking around the house and none of it has been kept in the fridge… I occasionally debate the financial/emotional risk of using it only to get nothing back. One day maybe… (As the commenter above seems to suggest… can you imagine anyone to have kept rolls of film in their fridge for 17 years?!)

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  4. Awesome colours! The few times I’ve shot Vericolor III it’s been a hot mess, but then it was dodgy film from a not so trusted source 😛


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