52 Rolls Week 12:52

First a Happy Easter to You All!

More ‘interesting times’ with color film……..We’re starting my Gardening Odyssey for this Year.  Gardening always a challenge in this high altitude semi-arid environment.  Growing seasons are short and the soil is poor.  And always looming, the treacherous spring storm, this year an actual Blizzard that occured this past Wednesday.

But enough of that. Let’s get to some images, such as they are;  a journey with two films and two cameras. Below, some light leak problmes with the Holga 120s and Ektar 100 fim.


My tulip and daffodil beds started to sprout in mid-February.  Only to be hit by our first Spring Storm.  Below Velvia 100 in the Woca, which has some extreme vignetting.


My Forsythias survived their first winter (I have 4 of them).



But will they survive three spring storms with the promise of more to come?


Our January and February were very warm, causing them to bloom about a month earlier than they should have.



And finally below….starting my vegetable seedlings indoors……….zucchini, eggplants, and tomotoes.  I’ll have sprouts to report soon.


Tech Info: Woca, Fuji Velvia 100 (E-6) and Holga, Ektar 100 (C-41).  All developed and scanned by OldSchool PhotoLab, which is getting all of my 52 Rolls Project film now.  Excellent turn around time.

I’ll be experimenting with more Fuji Velvia 100 & Provia 100, and Kodak Portra 160.

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