Week 11 Destroyed film

….but in a good way. I love experimenting and trying new films and techniques. I’ve had some fun with film souping, which can create some really beautiful color smearing and distortions. I’d never tried it before with black and white but was intrigued by some posts on another blog (sorry, can’t remember where I saw it exactly) that showed some sort of blurry dreamy effects. So I souped two rolls of Kentmere, one in a vinegar solution (acid) and one in an ammonia solution (base) to see what effects I might get. This week’s pictures are from the roll of Kentmere 100 souped in ammonia. I shot these on my trip out to the desert (okay slightly cheating since they were shot in Week 10 but shhhhh) because I thought the desolate surrounds would suit a damaged film. I was actually quite delighted with the results. The film was generally mildly damaged with lots of specks and blobs as well as blurring, but the last half dozen frames were quite destroyed which fit perfectly with the subject matter. I usually soup my film before shooting it for several reasons. (1) Just because (2) I’ve done it with color in the past, which I have to send to the lab. Labs can be funny (and rightly so) about processing film that arrives wet. So by souping first, then unrolling and drying the film in a dark space and rerolling before shooting, I’ve made it reasonably free of objectionable chemicals (for later) and can safely run it through a camera. In this instance, it appears I didn’t completely dry the last portion of the film so it was not only damaged but kind of stuck to itself creating actual tears. I love the effect this creates for these particular images. By the way I developed this roll myself.


Crazy rusted metal sculptures


See car in background for an idea of the scale of these



Middle of nowhere



Slab City’s finest ¬†– someone actually “lives” here


Party at the Range?



Salvation Mountain


Obligatory selfie


From the mountain lookout


Still the middle of nowhere

3 thoughts on “Week 11 Destroyed film

  1. Interesting…never heard of ‘souping’ but I’m always interested in alternative processes, so I’ll have to look it up sometime.


    • It’s fun if you like to experiment. There are a few (not that great) articles on the Lomography site, also a post that a UK friend and I recently put on the Film Shooters Collective site.


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