#9.0: Tres Cosas


II/2016, Berlin – Neopan 400 (at 800), Xtol, Canon QL17GIII

After I was celebrating the exhibition I wrote about in “The Exhibition Cam“, I forgot about a film in the QL17 GIII, one of my favorite cameras. The lens is soft, but sharp and bright. The rangefinder camera is relatively compact and I like the focal length: 40mm is great for me.

Four weeks later I was asked to get back to the chess board. Two years ago I quit playing in the league, because with the two girls, I could only choose: it was either photography or playing chess. Keeping both was impossible, because I use to delve deeply into things I am interested in – and my time has become very precious since our two daughters are hopping around. I chose photography because I can share the results better. No regrets, and I’ve already archieved all aims I had in chess.


When I was asked to play again the club was short of players on that particular weekend. I took the camera with me, but I had not the chance to compose better, because I wanted to shoot quickly and was not in the mood to fiddle around with composing too much. To my eye, the scene looks a little sad. Not because of the setting, and the opponents are nice people. It’s a feeling of loneliness which I am reminded of. Chess is a little world, as Grandmaster Jan Hein Donner put it once in his book “The King”.


Most of the chess shots were disappointing, but the gallery shot of the exhibition from outside through a big window I like very much (first picture shown here). My wife says there is a special Eighties flavour about it and I agree.

When I came home after having to play the longest game of the team match (successfully – a Sicilian with colours reversed, unbalanced material and good chances to lose in the critical phase of the second half) I was accompanied when chilling out a little afterwards. So the rest of the film was left for some diary shots in a relaxed mood.



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