Week 11: Getting back to 4×5

I finely gotten around to develop the huge backlog of 4×5 film I had sitting in the darkroom. Off the top of my head it represents at least four outings.  So for the next few weeks I’ll refocus on large format.

I’m shooting 4×5 Ilford Delta 100 B&W film with my Wanderlust Travelwide 4×5 camera, sporting a 90mm Super Angulan f/8 lens. This first set was made near home around the area of Lake Waneka park.


Here is a view of the lake and lake boat house after a recent storm. This image is as a result of significantly cropping of the original. The resulting grain can be seen. I seem to have solved my issues with the focus. Everything is reasonably sharp.

This is a historic cabin at the foot of the lake dam. I’ve also included some detail shots of the size of the building.



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